Cargo Nack

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Crocker Off Road Performance presents The Cargo "Nack". Our new product combines all the benefits of a cargo net and cargo rack. It keeps things inside the jeep from flying out while the top is off, but because of the design, it works as a cargo rack as well. The strength of our cargo "Nack" is unreal. If I could find a crane, I would bet that we could lift the jeep off the ground by attaching just to our Cargo "Nack". Most cargo racks have a weight limit of only several hundred pounds, are expensive to buy and ship, at best are ugly, usually take a professional shop to install, and once they are installed, well you get the picture. Our cargo "Nack" installs in 5 minutes with only one person, uninstall's in under a minute, looks fantastic, has no loose pieces, and can hold everything you could possibly want to take on a trip. Our product can stay in place and does not interfere with the JK Hard Top.

Our Cargo "Nack has over 160 feet of massive 4 inch nylon webbing and over 40 feet of 4 inch hook and loop Velcro that is sewn into the product. All cross points have been box and x-stitched. All 33 of our custom billet aluminum slides are also sewn in, so there are no loose pieces to keep track of. Our Cargo "Nack" connects to the roll cage at 18 different points. Once in place, you can stand on it and there is little or no sag. Sewn into the Cargo "Nack" are another 13 billet slides in different strategic locations for accommodating endless cargo shapes and sizes. We have also included 5 Cargo Straps of different lengths for strapping down your gear. Our 4 door Cargo "Nack" will be in stock and ready to ship May 1st, and the 2 Door Cargo "Nack" 2 weeks after that.

We also have added side curtains to go with our Cargo Nack, and a really cool organizer that completely encloses the rear hatch, but unvelcros when loading and unloading. In addition, because of the unique design of our cargo Nack, almost all of the Molle gear and accessories attach directly to it, so your choices of cargo bag combination's are virtually limitless.

We call the full Cargo Nack, side windows and organizer our "Nack Attack"! This product is a sunshade, cargo net, cargo rack, bike rack, hammock for two, star watcher, dog keeper inner, grocery organizer, and our customers are adding to the list as we speak, (in a good way we hope).

We take checks and PayPal. Our full satisfaction guarantee is this, if you do not absolutely love your new cargo "Nack" by Crocker Off Road Performance, send it back for a immediate full refund. Order yours today. In stock and ready to ship. Cargo Nack Install Instructions.

Cargo Nack:

$595.00 (plus S&H)

Side Curtains:

$195.00 (pair; plus S&H)

Grocery Organizer:

$49.95 (plus S&H)

"Nack Attack":

$795.00 (plus S&H)

All Sunday through Thursday orders will go out the next day. Friday and Saturday orders will go out on Monday, please call for next day shipping within the United States. Its around $150.00, sorry, that's UPS! no me.

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it for a full refund. Please call for International orders. VIEW Cargo Nack - 2 DOOR >>

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