Baby Girl
   Series 6.4
Double Black
Dubai SRT8 6.1
Going Postal 6.1
Green Machine
Grimm Reaper
Hell Cat
Hell Boy
JK 350
JK 500
Mud Dog
COP4X4 Extreme
   Players Run
King Ranch
Polar Express 392
Recon 6.1
Red Rock
Soul Dragon
SR 71 Black Bird
U.S. Mail
Silver Bullet
Vegas Series
War Wagon
Yellow Jacket
Orange Crush


Dubai SRT8 6.1 Long Travel
  Illustration NEW JEEP COP JEEP

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We are pleased to have a middle eastern agent representing COP4X4. He has exclusive rights to market out products, speaks Arabic, and is a pleasure to work with. Please call or email Ziad Farah for information on having out jeeps manufactured and shipped to you door anywhere in the Middle East. Our first two Hemi Jeeps will arrive in Dubai January 23rd. We can ship slow boat, fast boat, or we can ship your COP4X4 by 747 transport, as these two were shipped. We look forward to hearing from you. Email: Phone: (330) 931-7311
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