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Going Postal 6.1
  Illustration NEW JEEP COP JEEP

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Going postal is an American English slang term, used as a verb meaning to suddenly become extremely and uncontrollably angry, possibly to the point of violence."

Start with a loaded 2008 White Wrangler X Automatic with a Dana 44 rear and New Generation Dana 30 up front.  Then we added a 4.5" Painted ( White ) Rubicon Express Long Arm lift, Custom drilled 18" rims and 37.5 Nitto Mud Grabblers, and one of the coolest 8 coat "COP 4X4 Original Going Postal" paint jobs you will ever see. Then we painted the dash and both door panels, added full COP 4X4 black leather with Alligator inserts, Real Alligator Grab bar, Arm Rest, and both gear shifters. Then we added our COP 4X4 Billet door handles, chrome fuel door, chrome side steps, custom 5th wheel carrier, new steel custom painted front and rear bumpers with the welds sanded, Custom and Painted AEV Hood with "White Vein" Inserts, Chrome Grill, DVD/NAV/CD/Satellite Radio and back up camera, Real HID Hi/Low Headlamps, COP4X4 Badging, 4 Red Master Craft grab handles, White Vein Differential covers, Billet climate control knobs, Real Alligator door sills, and a COP 4X4 stubby antenna. Then we add the "Extremely and Uncontrollably Angry" part, a brand new Hemi SRT8 6.1 Liter power plant by Burnsville Off Road pushing around 440 hp and about the same torque , new aluminum radiator, larger transmission cooler, 545 AT transmission, and a full Stainless Cat Back 2.5" inch pipe that sounds like a full on Corr Pro 2 Truck. Yes it has Cats and a muffler too, so it is emission compliant. This truly unique jeep drives stock, except it’s a little higher and a little faster, well, a lot higher and a hell of a lot faster.

This jeep will be auctioned off with no reserve at the world famous Barett Jackson Auto Auction Friday, January 18 at around noon mountain time. Full coverage will be provided by Speed TV. Please stop by the jeep and say hi to me, Camp Crocker, for I will be next to my jeeps all day starting Tuesday at noon all the way up to when my jeeps cross the auction block. Good luck and I hope to see you there.

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