The Hemi Hood

The whole idea is to force outside air onto the air box so that we can cool down the air into the motor, and secondly I wanted to address the issue of heat build up in and around the motor, and thirdly build a stupid cool hood for the JK's!

The front side vents will force air directly onto the air filter forcing colder air into the motor, but we have them on both sides so that we also will force cold air over the motor compartment and out the two huge vents in the middle of the hood, so that while driving air will constantly be drawn and forced over and out of the motor compartment and thus run much cooler and we can really limit heat buildup. All four fully functional vents will have beautiful billet plates/mesh made just for the hood, and we will also have a block out for the forced air side over the air filter for rainy days. We have also magically made the hood hinges vanish!

PRICING: $995.00 plus shipping $100.00.

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