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  Illustration NEW JEEP COP JEEP

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  1. Custom Painted/flamed/carboned brand new never before seen Bushwacker flat
    fenders/road armor
  2. 426 Stroked Hemi with (Maybe) a SMS Supercharger
  3. Burnsville Offroad Hemi Swap Kit/motor mounts/computer
  4. Totally built Hughes Performance $7,000.00 dollar 545rf grenade proof Tranny
    and torque converter.
  5. Full custom 3” exhaust with electronic dump
  6. Atlas 531 Transfer case
  7. ORE Double throw down front and rear Nitrogen filled Cantilever suspension,
    which I have done 3 already, True off-road racing suspension
  8. Danatrac Dana 60’s, Front and Rear
  9. Custom Heavy Duty Drive shafts
  10. 513 Gears
  11. ARB Lockers front and rear, wired to dash panel with separate switches
    for front locker/rear locker and compressor
  12. Carbon Fiber gage pod with Auto Meter gages
  13. Warn Winch Power Plant 1200 with 95 psi on board air compressor
  14. Black Walker Evans 17” Bead Locks
  15. 37” Toyo MT’s/Nitto New Tread Offroad tires
  16. New never seen LOD front bumper
  17. LOD Rear Bumper w/basket and can holders/lights wired/antennas
  18. Gerry Cans
  19. Custom Ghost flames using House of color paints, full interior and all
    outside plastic removed, cleaned of oils, sanded, primed twice, sanded
    again, painted twice, clear coated 4-6 times, polished, and reinstalled/two
    toned paint scheme/Carbanated
  20. Anodized black Billet door handles, hinges, antenna surround, hood hinges
    /locks/fuel door/windshield pillars
  21. Wild Boar Slant Back Hard top/ t tops with full leather headliner/sanded
    and painted House of Color Pearl
  22. Full custom Leather seats leather choice skins/leather wrapped center
    consol/arm rest
  23. Black Billet gear shifters, air vents, air vent surrounds, climate control knobs
  24. Powder coated D-Rings
  25. Billet 12” Drop Down Adjustable Hitch
  26. Bad Ass Stereo with toggle cameras for each tire, as well as lights for each tire
  27. River Raider Sport cage
  28. River Raider Full under skid/powder coated white/black Modded for a
    Hemi! (a real big Hemi)
  29. Polished Teraflex Rock Sliders
  30. COP4X4 Hemi Hood/ripped/carboned with built in Vision X 3 light bar,
    that’s right, in the hood!
  31. Vision X light bars, not sure where yet.
  32. CB with whiplash antenna
  33. Custom COP4X4 Cargo Nack
  34. Add a set of King hydraulic 2 1/2" bump stops/ Man/ blue and polished
    bump stops and a set of 2" king coils and the nitrogen tanks per wheel,
    thats going to look sick!!!
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